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To endeavor creatively. It's a simple phrase that explains our complex dedication to your business needs, and it's what we do for our clients all around the world. At Creative Endeavors, our knowledgeable team is committed to being your full-service solutions partner and to providing the in-depth services and exciting creativity you need to enhance your continued success with meetings, programs, and events. Explore our site and discover the many creative endeavors we can bring to your business.

With over two decades in the meeting planning business, Creative Endeavors is a full service solutions partner specializing in national and international destination meeting management, corporate meeting planning, special events, incentives, housing, registration and information technology solutions.

Our long-term strength of hotel and special venue relationships world-wide, and our commitment to customer service uniquely tailored to a client's specific needs is just one example of what sets us apart from our competitors.

With capabilities for global assistance, our dedication to personal service allows us to work with your small programs or major conventions, giving the same attention to detail no matter the size, no matter where, and to meet your needs in every respect.

Meet Our Team

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." – Andrew Carnegie

Lee Anne Short


Lee Anne started working for Creative Endeavors in 1989, serving many years as Director of Operations and Chief Operating Officer. In the spring of 2012, she purchased the company from the estate of the former owner and founder, Tommy Licata.

Lee Anne has been at the helm during the years that Creative Endeavors developed its online solutions department, with the custom websites that have become an integral part of what CE can offer for the success of an event, meeting or tradeshow. Lee Anne is a hands on owner, directing three educational tradeshows and multiple client events and meetings.

Phone: (702) 836-1107  |  Email:

Ted Campos

Creative & Technical Director

Teddy Campos has been a fifteen year IT & web development veteran with the strongest emphasis of his career building infrastructure and growing companies as early as base concept to as a large as fortune 500. Teddy is an excellent motivator of entrenched network IT personnel and is most recognized as a successful mediator and translator between IT departments, corporate executives, marketing departments and even customers. His constant push towards new technologies has Teddy constantly refocusing his larger corporate clients and aligning them with the latest and greatest concepts available.

Teddy has built strong infrastructure, operations, web and application support for companies such as Virtual Charting, Advanced Information Systems, Capital Consulting Dealer Services, American Casino, HighGate Resorts, The Stratosphere, NOS Communications, Ivenue, The Atlantis Resort &

Teddy is excited to be a part of the Creative Endeavors Team and it is his sincere hope that under his technical direction, the company will continue to grow.

Phone: (702) 836-1106  |  Email:

Jennifer Fraser-Picchione

Account Executive

Jennifer started working events for Creative Endeavors in 1991 and became a permanent member of the staff in the winter of 2013 as an Account Executive. Jennifer manages multiple accounts, applying her experience in corporate event planning combined with discerning experience in planning, designing, arranging and coordinating every detail of various types of events such as conferences, client appreciation events, roadshows, promotional trade-shows and business meetings to create successful events for her clients. Jennifer also works with her talented team to create spectacular, one of a kind websites and reports designed specifically to the client’s needs and branding. She is 100% dedicated to her clients and can be counted on from start to finish of any event.

Phone: (702) 836-1103  |  Email:

Amy Short


Amy started working events for Creative Endeavors in 2004 as support staff onsite at various shows and became a permanent member of the accounting staff in 2011. Her vast knowledge in many areas range from office management to human resources, to operations and primarily accounting. Amy brings a very unique attribute to the company with her diversity and ability to step up into many different positions. She is dedicated to finding new innovative ways to run her department and push Creative Endeavors to new heights.

Phone: (702) 836-1113  |  Email:

Bryan Short

Support Coordinator

Bryan has been working for Creative Endeavors for ten years and has been full time with the company as a support coordinator since 2013. He is extremely versed in this profession, as he has worked in the convention industry since his youth. Bryan specializes in customer account management which includes: arranging space for private meeting and events, customer transportation, large party hotel reservations and registration website maintenance. With an extensive background in graphic design, Bryan is also the lead for whiteboarding videos, badge design and print production. Bryan works tirelessly for his clients to ensure all aspects of their events are seamless and successful. During conventions & trade shows Creative Endeavors is providing services for, Bryan serves as on-site technical staff and attendee registration support staff and uses his vast knowledge to help assist in creating a fantastic event!

Phone: (702) 836-1114  |  Email:

Leslie Fishman

Convention and Event Housing Manager

Leslie has been part of the Creative Endeavors team for nearly 14 years and possesses a vast and wide array of experience and knowledge in the hospitality industry, especially when it comes to housing and online hotel registrations. She works closely and is in constant communications with our clients and hotels. Leslie was the Convention and Casino Groups Reservations Supervisor at the Desert Inn & Casino for 22 years. She has the experience and necessary knowledge required to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients hotel room blocks and room rates are protected, utilized and re-negotiated where need be.

Phone: (702) 836-1117  |  Email:

Ramona Anderton

Software Developer

With over 30 years in the software industry, Ramona has worked for small accounting firms and large companies ranging from Intel, Hewlett Packard and Bank of America, developing a wide variety of computer based systems.

In 2001, she moved from networked applications to internet based systems. She specializes in developing engaging, interactive and responsive websites. Her extensive knowledge of HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, mySQL, mySQLi, PHP and the Adobe suite of products has made her a valuable asset to Creative Endeavors.

Currently she utilizes her skills to create event registration sites for a variety of clients, with database interaction, credit card security, Google Analytics tracking, form security and full reporting capability, while maintaining our many company websites.

Phone: (702) 836-1115  |  Email:

Jeff Keating

Web Developer

As the newest member of Creative Endeavors, Jeff specializes in creating modern and eye-catching responsive websites that work flawlessly on every device from smart-phones all the way up to desktop computers. He has over 6 years of marketing and multimedia experience with a background in television and online digital marketing. He is excited to be a part of the wonderful CE team.

Phone: (702) 836-1115  |  Email:

Our Services From conference and hotel registration to badge design we love what we do and we promise to give you the best!

  • Corporate Meeting Planning

    Our experienced staff offers unique and creative ideas, options and venues covering the broad spectrum of all companies. Put them to work for you to create a meeting with an environment for success. Our Meeting Matrix capabilities allow us to generate specific floor plans for any given hotel meeting room showing everything from seating to staging/props/exhibits. Here are just some of the many services our meeting planning team offers:

    • AV / equipment requirements
    • Budget management
    • Contract negotiations
    • Event space set-up
    • Ground transportation needs
    • Menu selection, theming
    • Site and venue research
    • VIP coordination
  • Incentive Program Planning

    Our experienced staff offers unique and creative ideas, options and venues covering the broad spectrum of all companies. Put them to work for you to create a meeting with an environment for success. Our Meeting Matrix capabilities allow us to generate specific floor plans for any given hotel meeting room showing everything from seating to staging, props and exhibits. Here are just some of the many services our meeting planning team offers:

    • Assist with budget parameters
    • Ground transportation
    • Managing housing and preferred check-in
    • Plan agenda with group individual activities
    • Premium gift and / or awards
    • Theme development
  • Site Selection

    For more than 20 years, we have been bringing the world to meeting planners and event planners. Our team has visited sites in 52 countries, and we have the personal experience and knowledge to help you choose the perfect venue for all of your on-site and off-site needs, including theming, golf tournaments, events in-house with hotels and more.

  • Contracts

    Whether you need room blocks, on-site venues, off-site venues, headliner entertainment, film permits, or speakers, our experienced team can negotiate contracts or work with planners on existing contracts. We can also oversee contracts for décor, flowers, dinner reservations, mass mailings, signage, registration for sessions, RSVPs for events and more.

    As you plan your next meeting or special event, let our team put their contract experience to work for you, carefully overseeing the little details, so you can concentrate on the big picture.

  • Room Management

    Whether you are dealing with a block of 10 rooms or blocks of rooms at 10 hotels spread across the city, our room management team will work with you to find the perfect hotel and manage your entire attendee list, room blocks and inventory.

    You can feel confident when you hire Creative Endeavors, knowing that we are drawing on our extensive global hotel contacts and relationships to provide you with full service in all aspects of your hotel needs, including: but not limited to:

    • Hotel research
    • Contract negotiations and best available room rates
    • On-line housing registration
    • Rooming list management
    • Updates on daily room utilization , per request
    • Email blasts per request
    • Hotel Confirmations
    • Billing and account reconciliation

    Our custom online registration Show & Housing reporting allows you to view your hotel room inventory, daily room utilization and roommates. Our Room Management Team monitors these reports, works with you to meet all hotel contract terms and minimize attrition. Data collected: room reservations, employee validation, credit card information, shirt sizes, meal preferences, attendance dates, number of guests, etc. - and anything else that may be required to successfully process a registrant for an event and collect accurate data.

  • Transportation Management

    Now that you've brought everyone into town for the meeting and event of the year, you have to get them from here to there. We arrange all forms of ground transportation from limos to busses, from personalized VIP service to groups -coordinating scheduling and logistics with hotels or off site venues.

    • Secure the most cost-effective means for your individual needs
    • Coordinate designated pick-up and drop off points
    • Research the most economical and expeditious options
    • Continued communication with vehicle drivers
    • VIP transportation
  • Décor/Entertainment

    The décor you choose for your meeting or special event can mean the difference between making a lasting impression and making a night people can't wait to forget. We will open the door for your imagination to a world where everything is possible.

    • Corporate functions: speakers, general sessions, customized service
    • Themed events: props, entertainments, models & look-alikes
    • Florals & linens: Floral design, specialty linens, tablescapes
    • Weddings: music, site selection, bouquets & accessories
  • Custom Websites

    Let us put our creativity to work for you on the web. Whether you are looking for a permanent website, event-specific website or an online management system, we have a creative solution to fit your exact needs. We create permanent websites and event-specific websites with real-time capabilities with secure access for you - the planner.

    In addition to websites, we can deliver completely customizable web reports, specifically tailored to your needs. And we can display the reports right in your web browser. For your convenience, our web reports are:

    • keyword searchable
    • able to be filtered by "new" "change" or "all" registration types
    • template-based and 100 percent customizable on a report-by-report basis
    • totally expandable to allow multiple reports per client
    • active and dynamic in functionality with results changing within milliseconds of selecting different filters and/or search terms

    In addition to our new web reports, our traditional CSV reports are still available, completely updated in appearance and functionality.

    Event-specific Sites
    Event-specific websites are an easy, creative way to give your meeting or event attendees one clear place to visit to learn more about the event, check out housing and entertainment options and plan their trip. They can even register online at their convenience, and you can begin communicating the event's message before your guests even arrive.

    But it's what an event-specific website can do for you, the event planner, that will really excite you. A custom website enables online registration, automatic badging and real-time reporting, so you can constantly keep on top of who is coming, when they arrive, and what they will be doing when they get there.

    Custom Sites
    Our custom websites are also the perfect way to collect and disseminate critical event information to a host hotel or a dedicated company representative.

    Our custom websites also feature a wealth of unique reporting elements, including:

    • Report-generation from any of the information collected from the registration website
    • Customizable information organization (i.e. alpha by last name, numerical by arrival date, numerical by departure date, etc.)
    • Sub-formatting of information (i.e. order first by arrival date, then re-order again with alpha by last name, etc.)
    • Delivery options include e-mail (Microsoft Excel/.xls or CSV/.csv documents) or made available via a secure web URL
    • Bar graphs with a customizable looks (perfect for presentations during meetings or illustrating a flow chart within the registrations)

    Reports are dynamic and immediately reflect current information within the database. We offer four types of detailed reporting:

    • Static file reports (.xls or .csv)
    • Dynamic reports easily found via a URL/web link
    • Graphic representation of reports within a bar or line graph format
    • Fully customized report with a specialized output format

    Real-time Registration and Reporting
    As a meeting planner or event planner, you work in a world that is continuously in motion, with a constant need for real-time, detailed, accurate information. Luckily, we have online real-time registration and reporting options that will always keep you in charge of your event and at the top of your game.

    Our custom websites feature a wealth of unique reporting elements, including:

    • Report-generation from on any of the information collected from the registration website
    • Customizable information organization (i.e. alpha by last name, numerical by arrival date, numerical by departure date, etc.)
    • Sub-formatting of information (i.e. order first by arrival date, then re-order again with alpha by last name, etc.)
    • Delivery options include e-mail (Microsoft Excel/.xls or CSV/.csv documents) or made available via a secure web URL
  • Custom Name Badges

    Badging is a critical step in the meeting planning process, and our team has a wealth of experience to make badging as easy and efficient as possible, while still maintaining the detail you require. And with our seamless processing, we can coordinate all aspects of any show, program, or event including securing show badges for any city-wide conventions.

    We have several custom programs that we can specifically tailor to your meeting planning or event badging needs, including our custom online registration. Our custom online registration enables full integration with housing and badging, meaning all of your events are fully integrated with a managed housing and badging solution. This solution enables you to control a live inventory of room availability, print customized badges with personal agendas, and much more.

    Our custom online registration also provides show badging and individual badging solutions. Our full badging services include the ability to print personalized agendas to a show badge, as well as importing data from outside databases and printing that data to badges.

    To complete the badging process, we can provide the support staff for your on-site registration process, making your hectic job a little bit easier.

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